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Mr. Frank S. Anthony, fondly known as F S Anthony, was born on September 15, 1910 to the late Rev. Francis Alpha Anthony and Madam Lucy Campbell at Laseme, Pujehun District in Sierra Leone.

F S Anthony was Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 1967. Subsequently, he was appointed Resident Minister Eastern Province in Sierra Leone. He was founder of the former Leona Secondary School (now Centenary Secondary School) and the Southern Agro-Industrial Development Association Center (SAIDAC), both in Bo.  He was also founder of the Sierra Leone American Friendship Society in Bo, and foundation member of the Sierra Leone Teacher's Union.

F S Anthony
received several recognitions including “Outstanding Citizenship” of Sierra Leone by Queen Elizabeth II; and was decorated as “Knight” by the Taiwan Government.

F S Anthony passed away peacefully in Freetown on November 1, 2007 after 97 years of exceptional service on this earth. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Mrs. Elizabeth Anthony (nee Williams), nine children, in-laws, 46 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, several relatives, friends, and many others whose lives he touched personally. 
May His Soul Rest in Peace 

Tributes and Condolences
Tribute  / Georgette Anthony (granddaughter)
Tears fill my eyes and joy fills my heart to read these tributes and see how much influence you had in the lives of many. You truely were a great man! It saddens me that you are no longer here, but as I write this tribute I can hear your laughter and...  Continue >>
Great and respectable man   / Emond Baio (Friend)
He was a great and respectable kings man. He served his country deligently and faithfully.
God bless you brother.
Biography Tribute: Did you know he was a Preacher's Kid ?   / Rev. &. Mrs. Donald S. Wonnie (Uncle)
Mr. Frank S. Anthony, fondly known as F.S. Anthony, was born on September 15, 1910 to the late Rev. Francis Augustine Anthony and Madam Lucy Campbell at Laseme, Pujehun District in Sierra Leone. Rev. & Madam Anthony Gobaru transferred to Bonthe S...  Continue >>
Precious Gift   / Dolly Anthony (Daughter-in-law)
       Papa you were a precious gift from above with so much beauty, grace, and love. You've touched our hearts in so many ways. You left an everlasting impression on all what you've said and did. We know God picks ...  Continue >>
Memorial Service   / Admirea Anthony-Barrett (Daughter)
Time: 12:00pm -
Special Memorial Service will be held at...Officiating is Reverend Dr. David Knotts O.S.L. 

Wesley United Methodist Church 
101 Windsor Street 
Reading PA 19601

 ...  Continue >>
Special Tribute  / Admirea Anthony-Barrett (Daughter)    Read >>
A Special Tribute to a Great Man - Uncle Frank  / Yvonne Ebun Macrae (Neice)    Read >>
Special Tribute  / Miriam Wonnie (God Father )    Read >>
A national Hero  / Rev. Francis Seisay (Sierra Leonean )    Read >>
The Perfect Grandpa  / Samuel Davies (Grand Son )    Read >>
Behold: A "Star" Is Born!  / Ali B. Mansaray (Friend of the family & grateful compatriot )    Read >>
You Stood by your words.  / Gwendoline Tee-Kay Anthony (Grand-daughter)    Read >>
FRANK ANTHONY OUR HERO  / Geneva Anthony (daughter)    Read >>
Charismatic but yet unassuming.  / VICTOR MORGAN (Family Friend )    Read >>
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